What the heck is an App-O-Rama?

Silly name isn’t it?  But that’s what they are called.  An App-O-Rama is simply applying for multiple credit cards on the same day so credit issuers do not see other credit inquiries on your credit report and thereby increasing your chances of being approved.

I am a very conservative App-O-Rama-er.  Hubby and I typically alternate App-O-Ramas every 3 months.  But if a really good deal comes along, I may sneak an app in on off months.  It’s probably not the best thing to do, but some limited time offers are too good to pass up. (like the 100,000 AA Citibank card) So each of us is doing one every 6 months and usually 3 or 4 cards at a time.  Some people do 6 cards each, every 3 months.  I don’t.  We are not “big spenders” and I worry about meeting the minimum spend requirements on the cards.  This has not yet been a problem, so I may add a card or two next time I apply.

I will update this page each time we do an App-O-Rama so you can get an idea of how we earn our miles and points.  The numbers in parentheses are our FAKO scores at the time of the App-O-Rama.

May 2013 App-O-Rama 

Sept 2013 App-O-Rama

Dec 2013 App-O-Rama

May 2014 App-O-Rama

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